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Let us show you how Novus Dia Financial can assist you in achieving your dreams of a solid financial future.

Like most sectors of the economy, real estate suffered a significant decline with the economic meltdown in 2008 and 2009, especially in cities like Las Vegas, Atlanta and Orlando. As a result, these declines have now created significant opportunities to invest in residential real estate.

With available inventories at an all-time low, new construction permits up by 50% and existing home prices increasing over 20% in the last year alone I believe as so many investment professionals in the industry today that we must move quickly to capitalize on this market trend now. Novus Dia Financial was created to take advantage of those opportunities.

Investing in residential real estate provides many potential benefits, including providing investor income from rents, a potential hedge against inflation, capital appreciation and portfolio diversification. The opportunities continue to grow as we continue to seek out and acquire undervalued properties in areas now experiencing renewed growth.

This is the mission of Novus Dia Financial, to provide investors the potential opportunity to benefit from real estate investments.  We believe our business model can provide stability, diversification, growth and income of the long term. 

We look forward to serving you.

Kind Regards, 

Michael Eckerman